After the Arab Spring: How Islamists Hijacked The Middle East Revolts

John R. Bradley
PRAISE FOR JOHN R. BRADLEY"After the Arab Spring is indispensable to understanding why the Middle East uprisings aren't going where we want. Bradley has a better pulse on the reality than anyone."--ROBERT BAER, former CIA operative and inspiration for the movie SYRIANA'The situation [in the Middle East] has developed almost exactly along the lines that John R. Bradley predicted."--The Spectator (U.K.)"Bradley says Western journalists mocked him when he predicted a revolution in Egypt. In his famous book Inside Egypt: The Land of the Pharaohs on the Brink of a Revolution (2008), he predicted the outbreak of a popular revolt against the Mubarak regime (which banned the book). After the uprising Bradley was transformed into a star overnight, because of his book's accurate prediction; and he is hunted by the print media, satellite channels and international television stations."--Asharq Al-Awsat, the leading pan-Arab daily newspaper"What distinguishes [Bradley] from many other Western commentators is that he has gone native in the Arab world, living among Arab people and immersing himself in Arab culture. What also makes him stand out is the way he writes with a manifest determination to make a difference."--The New Statesman (U.K.)"[Bradley] uses a graceful journalist's pen to write with scholarly authority [and] shows a sensitivity rare for a Westerner, reaching directly to the society's core."--The Nation

"Back in 2008, John R. Bradley was dubbed an alarmist for uniquely -- yet at the same time accurately -- predicting an Egyptian uprising. But he was right, and his publications were banned by Hosni Mubarak's regime. In his new book, After the Arab Spring, his message is a simple one: everything we've been told about the Arab spring is wrong. In his view, political Islam has hijacked the revolutions across the Middle East."--Sir David Frost, on Al-Jazeera English

"John R. Bradley, author of After the Arab Spring, was one of the few journalists who sang out of tune to the chorus of Arab Spring enthusiasts, pointing out that the failure of the democratic transition in Tunisia, the most progressive Arab country, portended failure when it came to the possibility of success in other countries. The Islamists were poised to mobolise for the elections. They have indeed hijacked the revolutions." --Tomás Alcoverro, La Vanguardia (Spain)


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