ABE: Friends * Bestseller ABE:! Friend (ISBN = 9784805306482)

AN BU . GONG FANG. Donald Keene BIAN
Paperback. Pub Date :2006-2-1 Pages: 94 Publisher: Berkley Books A tense drama about the destruction of an individual. Friendsopens with the words of a popular romantic song. Poor brokennecklace ... Little lost beads. little lost beads. A family thenenters the apartment of a young man. without invitation orintroduction. and announces they will save hi ~ n from hislone-liness by moving in and befriending him. Restringing thelittle lost beads is their mission. Shocked by the strangeinvasion. the young man first . of all tries to persuade them toleave But his reasoning proves useless against their cheerfulmadness. as it does with the policeman whom he then calls Slowlyand effec-tively. the family strips the young man of his reasonsfor living:. his fiancee. his self- esteem. and his interest in hiswork. They do everything possible to convince him. in the name ofbrother-hood and ...


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