5-minute clinical consult 2012

Standard Access with Print (Same content as always had, now better search functionality) * 900 full topics (715 from the 5-Minute Clinical Consult and rest from 5-Minute Pediatric Consult) * Access to patient education handouts from AAFP but NO customization options * Access to 180+ algorithms * Access to the drug monographs *Only have access to the images/lab tests/procedures affiliated with the 900 topics * Access to the Physical Therapy videos. (Don't have access to procedure videos from McNabb or Mayeaux) * Ability to accrue potential CME credit but not capability to redeem CME credits * Mobile access. Content is optimized for handheld devices (iPhone, Blackberry, Palm, Android, Windows Mobile) * My5minuteconsult.com to save links of content. Don't have ability to upload your own links into the site.


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