This Mutant Life: Bad Company: A Neo-Pulp Anthology

Ben Langdon, Frank Byrns, Adam Ford, Folly Blaine, Susan Jane Bigelow, Wayne Helge, William Akin, Mark Floyd, Kathryn Hall, Erik Scott de Bie, Sandra Duncan, Spencer Koelle, Gary Watkins, Mark Mills, Lincoln Crisler, Molly Whipple, Shawn Proctor, Diana Rohlman, Wayland Smith, Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam
This world is full of rotten and spiteful souls, but instead of hiding from the darkness, you'd best be embracing it, son. Mark me words, I come from a position of experience in these things. There are those who work their superhuman magic in the open, flying through the air or dressed in patriotic stars and stripes. But the more interesting stories happen just to the left of this stage, and just a little out of focus. - Grimm, Supervillain (retired) This Mutant Life: Bad Company is the second anthology in the series, and turns its focus to the darker side of the superhuman world. The 21 stories introduce the reader to the lives of ancient beings who have walked among us for centuries; teenage runaways taken under the wing of vigilantes; and other mutants who walk the fine line between light and shade.


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