Gender and Science Reader, The

The Gender and Science Reader brings together key writings by leading scholars to provide a comprehensive feminist analysis of the nature and practice of science. Challenging the self-proclaimed objectivity of scientific practice, the contributors uncover the gender, class and racial prejudices of modern science. The Reader draws from a range of media, including feminist criticism, scientific literature, writings about scientific education, and the popular press. Articles are grouped into six thematic sections which address:* Women in Science - women's access to study and employment in science, combining both analytical evidence and personal testimonies* Creating Andocentric Science - exploring the gendered origins of science at the time of the Enlightenment* Analyzing Gendered Science - feminist methodologies and epistemology for the study of science* Gendered Praxis - examples of how gender bias can affect and distort scientific work* Science and Identity - how science reinforces gender and racial stereotypes* Feminist Re-Structuring of Science - what is the future of feminist science studies?In addition to a general introduction by the editors to the volume, and introductions to each of the thematic sections, the Reader also includes a comprehensive bibliography of feminist science studies, making it an indispensible resource for anyone involved in the teaching, research or study of science.


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