Inclusive School: A Selection of Writing on Diversity Issues in Independent Schools, The

The Inclusive School, A Selection of Writing on Diversity Issues in Independent Schools, and Greening America's Schools, is about the environmental education movement today in independent schools, with a compendium of best green practices, case studies, partners in the green movement, and a review of recommended resources. In The Inclusive School, Independent School magazine editor Michael Brosnan has compiled and edited 30 articles previously published in the magazine over the past decade on the various facets of diversity. As Gene Batiste, NAIS's vice president for school consultancy services and equity and justice initiatives, writes in his introduction: "This collection of articles... serves as an exemplar of what has been accomplished, but even more important, what still needs our attention as we continue to strive for full engagement and empowerment of all in independent schools." Written by Paul Chapman, NAIS trustee and former head of school at Head-Royce School (California), Greening America's Schools makes the case for independent schools "going green" and highlights approximately 50 independent and public K-12 U.S. schools that have done a remarkable job doing so. It describes what it means to be a green school, the benefits and challenges, and includes insights from the higher education experience.


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