Olivia: The Essential Latin Edition

Ian Falconer, Amy High
Lude et tu cum Olivia, dum... • vestimenta induit • carmina cantat • castella ex harena þngit • quiescit (fortasse) • saltat • parietes pingit • et -- nem! -- • tandem dormit.


Reviewed: 2018-11-16

4 stars: It had a simple, easy to follow plot. Something a little kid would understand, but entertaining and adorable nonetheless. That, coupled with the cute art, is really enjoyable. You should read this book if you also like Taurus Rex. It has a similar progressive storyline that keeps the reader entertained and doesn't get boring. You'll be finished before you know it. - Zoe Dorse, November 2018

5 stars: Olivia goes to museums and paints on her wall. You should read this book if you also like Ursus et Porcus. - Maggie Braswell, March 2019

3 stars: I liked this book because I read it when I was younger, but the Latin was harder than I expected. You should read this book if you like simple stories and half-word half-picture books. - Riley Hendrix, December 2019

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