Unauthorized Star Wars Companion: The Complete Guide to the Star Wars Galaxy, The

Ted Edwards
Join the celebration with THE UNAUTHORIZED START WARS COMPENDIUM, a comprehensive chronicle of the entire history of Star Wars, from its moment of conception through the release of the newest big-screen installment. Meet the personalities involved and explore how one man's vision changed the nature of motion pictures forever. Within the pages of THE UNAUTHORIZED STAR WARS COMPENDIUM you'll find: * The Making of the firs film trilogy - Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi - and the people behind it * The story of the expanded National Public Radio adaptations, and how they stack up against the films * A guide to the dozens of Star Wars novels and comic book adventures * A peek at the long-awaited episode one of the new trilogy * Photos of cast and crew, many in print for the first time, and much more....


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