14th Reinstated, The

Bryce M. Towsley
The 14th Reinstated, a new novel from Bryce M. Towsley Bryce M. Towsley’s new novel, The 14th Reinstated, is ripped from today’s headlines and the plot is eerily close to what is happening in the world today. This book lays out a frightening and dark scenario of how the world may look in a few years, and readers will pray it is not a prophecy of the future. It’s an action – adventure – mystery novel with all the elements of a rollicking good read: gun, knife and fist fights, desperate chases, pretty girls, likable heroes and mysterious evil doers trying to take over the world. It is set a few years after the world suffers social and economic collapse. There has been a total meltdown and horrible social wars that killed millions. The protagonist is just trying to rebuild a life with his family and neighbors when he is sucked into the most evil and vile of plots. The book opens after he has shot an assassin who tried to kill him. He was looking for his kidnapped niece and the assassin was waiting in ambush. The hero should have been dead before the book even really got started, but the bad guy picked the wrong man to mess with. This is his first clue that something is not what it seems and when thirty more men show up to finish the job he knows he is trouble. As the story develops he discovers a most unimaginable horror that has been perpetrated on the world and realizes that he and his friends are the only people who can stop the bad guys from finishing the job. While an action book with a mystery plot, it’s also character driven. The people in this book come to life as the pages turn. Some of the characters will make you laugh, others will make you cry, but they all will jump off the page and into your heart. The 14th Reinstated is a complex book that is also a primer on survival after social collapse. As the protagonist figures out how to survive the hordes bent on destruction, the lessons he learns serve as illustrations for those who worry that we may be headed for a real collapse. The 14th Reinstated then morphs into an epic adventure as the small group struggles against all odds to save the world from a terrible, bleak and dark future. This book is set in Vermont and New England, but has a world-wide scope with excursions into exotic places like Africa and Korea. Sometimes things come out of left field and hit the readers like a brick wall falling on their heads. One chapter is sure to have most men sleeping with a night light on for months after they read it. The 14th Reinstated is sometimes shocking, often funny and never boring. It will have you tearing through the pages with its hard charging, adrenaline pumping action and leave you breathless at the end. Bryce M. Towsley is a highly respected writer in hunting and firearms circles with his byline appearing on hundreds of magazines articles and multiple books. Unlike so many other fiction writers, he gets the “gun stuff” 100% correct, so that the fight scenes ring true. His descriptions of the habitat and terrain are written with a hunter’s and naturalist’s eye for detail. When he describes a desperate chase through the mountains it is clear he has walked the same ground he is describing. His keen insight into world politics helps to build a very believable and frighteningly plausible scenario. The characters ring true, almost as if he knows them all personally. The resulting matrix is one of the most intriguing, thought provoking and action packed novels in years.


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