Harsh Truth About Public Schools, The

Bruce N. Shortt
Bruce Shortt's book, The Harsh Truth about Public Schools, combines a sound Biblical basis, rigorous research, straightforward, easily read language, and eminently sound reasoning. Whether one is a parent or parent-to-be, pastor, church staff member, or educator, this book has much to offer. It is based, first of all, upon a clear understanding of God's educational mandate to parents. Its second foundation is a thoroughly documented description of the inescapably anti-Christian thrust of any governmental school system and the inevitable results: moral relativism (no fixed standards), academic dumbing down, far-left programs, near absence of discipline, and the persistent but pitiable rationalizations offered by government education professionals.


Reviewed: 2015-01-10
As a public school student, I look back on my education and realize how much was lacking. Labeled as a good student, I still don't believe I received a proper education. The 12 years of binge eating information and regurgitating it for a test only to forget it immediately after is not educating. This book is a must read in order to rescue this generation from a bad education.


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