Last Banquet (The Bell Mountain Series #4, Book Four), The

Lee Duigon
In the wake of a barbarian invasion, chaos sweeps across Obann. The boy king and his faithful chiefs try to restore order before the Heathen come again - not knowing that this time, the Thunder King himself will lead his armies. The Great Temple lies in ruins, but another Temple has arisen in the East. And the heroes of Bell Mountain, Jack, Ellayne, and Martis, captured by the Heathen Griffs, are to be brought before the Thunder King. What is the secret of the man behind the Thunder King's golden mask? Who is the girl from an unknown northern island, swept all the way down to Obann by a storm? What will be the fate of the new nation being born in the foothills of Bell Mountain? Who will survive God's shaking of the world? For the shaking of the kingdoms continues unabated...


Reviewed: 2015-01-10
This is the first book that I have purchased for a reader. As soon as I saw that it was available electronically, I couldn't wait for the print version. For a person that take joy in his book collection, it takes a special book for me to buy it for a reader and not a hardcopy. The constant 5 star reviews are a testament to the validity of this series.


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