Microguide to Process Modeling in BPMN 2. 0, The

Tom Debevoise, Rick Geneva, Richard Welke (Introduction by)
With over fifty implementations, Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) is an increasingly successful Object Management Group (OMG) standard. Whether you are in government, manufacturing, or business, you can easily and accurately depict your company's processes in BPMN. BPMN Specification 1.1, however, can be abstract, lengthy, and complicated. As a result, learning to use BPMN can be daunting and force professionals to steer clear of it without an efficient and easy way of getting acquainted with the material. The straightforward information that is packed into this book is exactly what is needed. This guide gathers all the ideas, design, and problem-solving of BPMN into one simple, focused book, and offers concrete true-life examples that explain BPMN's approach to process modeling. With the wide-scale adoption of BPMN2.0, a new era for process modeling has arisen. In their second edition, Tom and Rick continue with the most concise coverage of BPMN available. They cover more 'real-life' business scenarios and model more unstructured, monitored and indefinite activities. The text not only corporate new metaphors of events and decision-directed event processing, it also covers 15 different design patterns, forged in the furnace of practical, state-of-the-art process modeling, that provide a shortcut to a proven design. The material in this comprehensive, focused book has been gleaned from actual practices and proven in many of the most advanced processes in production today. Build visible, agile and powerful process that meet the needs of a chaotic and globally federated environment. This book will teach you to tackle modern process modeling challenges. REVIEWS: "Finding a succinct and accessible book on the Business Process Modeling Notation (BMPN) is a pleasure. Finding one that clearly lays out the role of decisions and business rules in business processes is a delight. The MicroGuide to Business Process Management in BPMN is a short, easy to read book that gives a solid grounding in the core concepts of BPMN, passes on some realworld experience and suggestions from the authors, and gives great, practical advice on how use cases, BPMN, decision management and business rules all come together. Tom Debevoise and Rick Geneva have done a great job in outlining the Process Modeling Framework, introducing BPMN, and showing how it can be used. If BPMN is (or will be) part of your world, this book should be on your shelves." -James Taylor, Author Smart (Enough) Systems "It should be a valuable addition to a practitioner's library. I found the PMF and application to use case language to be of particular interest, as well as the relationship between business processes and business rules." - Stan Hendryx, Hendryx & Associates


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