Ellie DeLano
Traveling to alternate dimensions is much more heartbreaking than Jessa had ever imagined. Sure, making friends with other versions of yourself is amazing, and everyone loves glitter mousse, but accidentally running across your dead boyfriend alive and happy in another world is pretty traumatizing. And having a different, even hotter, version of him show up and insert himself into your life is worse. Especially when this version is reckless and bent on revenge. Jessa might be destined to save a multitude of worlds . . . but all she really wants to do is save Finn. Author L. E. Delano takes readers through many worlds of wonder, discovery and danger in this sequel to Traveler.


Reviewed: 2020-10-06

This author has a great ability to keep her story lively and at a constant pace so as to never lose the reader. This duology has remained in both books to be a fun and quick read with a creative atmosphere. If I could slip into an alternative reality through the look of a mirror, I would absolutely do that. The characters are all likeable and I enjoyed getting to slip back into this world that the author created. While I will admit that it has been a year since I read the first book, It didn't take me long to get sucked back in once I started reading. (And also after catching myself back up with reading the last two chapters of the first book.) If I were to offer any criticism it would be that the ending was a bit lack luster. It didn't have the same tension or pizzazz that the first book gave me during its final chapters. There were a couple of action sequences in this book when the climax builds to show how the entire duology gets wrapped up and although the author did her best to make them adventure-y, the EPIC finale that I was hoping for, just fell threw the cracks. Therefore, because this sequel was missing the oomph that I feel it deserved, I have had to bring down the rating on this one. As a whole, I think that this was a good sequel and I would still recommend this duology because the author is very talented. I will definitely be reading her other published books in the future.

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