Art of Scientific Storytelling, The

Rafael Luna
The academic and biotech research climate is more competitive than ever before. Congress has not increased the funding of research to match inflation. Governmental study sections (National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation) award research grants based heavily on a proven track record, i.e. peer-review publications in top-tier journals. Publishing in high-impact journals propels your academic career and helps you in the following areas: land a faculty position, faculty promotion and eventual tenure. Publications secure funding for your research program and elevate your research onto the international stage. As your academic level ascends and your expertise increases, the expectation that you can produce a cohesive research article also increases. This book walks you through the steps to crafting your Scientific Story for peer-review journals. This book demystifies the logical thinking required for hypothesis-driven research and encourages scientists to 'Drop the Mic'.


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