Beam Me Up, Scotty

Michael Guinzburg
An international best-seller, Guinzburg's 'Beam me up Scotty' is the darkest, edgiest and most hilarious novel every to emerge from the slimy pimpled underbelly of Crack City, USA. New York's East Village is a carnival of crackerjacks and junkies - and Ed T was one of them, a connissuer of the lowlife highlife. Ed has lost his wife, his kids, his job and most of his self-respect to the disease of addiction., but now, thanks to the 12 steps fo Hard Drug Anonymous, Ed is making a comeback with savage vengeance. Armed with his trusty Glock, and accompanied by a faithful Bull Terrier named Natasha, Ed takes hu]is message of recovery to the streets...and begins dealing salvation in lethal doses. Tough love has never been tougher.


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