Femme Digital

Michael Burns
Photographers, designers, animators, and digital artists of all levels of experience can make the female form come to life with help from Femme Digitale: Perfecting the Female Form on Your Computer. This indispensable reference details all the skills needed to bring every nuance of the female figure into digital existence. Readers will learn how to retouch and restore digital photographs; how to create lifelike skin tones, textures, facial expressions, and body types; and even how to render figures in 3-D, with step-by-step tutorials accompanying most every technique. Included with these easy-to-follow lessons are critical details on required hardware and software, and a compendium of some of the best examples of this electrifying art form—a collection that can’t be found anywhere else. Practical, comprehensive, and well-written, Femme Digitale demystifies the female form as represented on a computer screen while keeping it enchanting in the eyes of the beholder. • Showcases the finest examples of the art form available • Uses Adobe Poser software • For the ever-growing market of digital artists, from professional to amateur


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