After Dachau

Daniel Quinn
The scion of one of America's wealthiest and most respected families, Jason Tull inhabits a world that is as close to paradise as anyone could desire. He's young, rich, and free to roam the earth in pursuit of his one great passion: to find a "Golden Case" of reincarnation--a case solid enough to impress even skeptics. When he hears about a young woman named Mallory Hastings who has wakened from a brief coma with an entirely new personality (and no recollection of her former one), he feels sure he's found it. The first secret he must have from her is, of course, her true identity. If she's not Mallory Hastings, then who is she? But pulling this secret from her proves to be like pulling the pin from a hand grenade. The explosion that follows opens a crack in the smooth surface of his world that no one will ever be able to paper over.


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