Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Book 1

Jeff Kinney
It’s a new school year, and Greg Heffley finds himself thrust into middle school, where undersized weaklings share the hallways with kids who are taller, meaner, and already shaving. The hazards of growing up before you’re ready are uniquely revealed through words and drawings as Greg records them in his diary. In book one of this debut series, Greg is happy to have Rowley, his sidekick, along for the ride. But when Rowley’s star starts to rise, Greg tries to use his best friend’s newfound popularity to his own advantage, kicking off a chain of events that will test their friendship in hilarious fashion. Author/illustrator Jeff Kinney recalls the growing pains of school life and introduces a new kind of hero who epitomizes the challenges of being a kid. As Greg says in his diary, “Just don’t expect me to be all ‘Dear Diary’ this and ‘Dear Diary’ that.” Luckily for us, what Greg Heffley says he won’t do and what he actually does are two very different things.


Reviewed: 2017-09-15
Amulet Books
Reviewed: 2017-01-25

Wow this book is so funny. Why? I will tell you its about two main charactors. One always gets the other one in trouble. If you like the book "smile" you will like this book too.



                                                                          By: Kyler Perry

Reviewed: 2016-11-15

Diary of Wimpy Kid is written by Jeff Kinney and the beginning of a well-liked series of books. In this book we meet Greg Heffley a young boy beginning his first year of middle-school. Not only is Greg just trying to fit in and make friends, he’s dealing with his older brother Roderick who is always teasing him. Greg from the beginning was determined to improve his image and popularity and avoided the dreaded “Cheese Touch”. The Cheese Touch game began last year when someone had dropped cheese on the school’s basketball court and it became moldy and gross. Once someone touched the cheese it was if they had become infected with the gross cheese such as having cooties. Throughout the book we see Greg go through normal middle school struggles such as friendships and getting in trouble. It’s as if Greg is a magnet for a series of unfortunate events throughout the story, trouble always follows him. Throughout the book it’s as we are getting a look into Greg’s journal. There are illustrations to go along with the text, such as little doodles. Although this is a series each book tells a different story and are a great read for students. These books seem to really interest many of the students because they find Greg’s storytelling to be quite funny and interesting.

Reviewed: 2016-10-31

This is a book I’ve seen floating around the classrooms of the elementary schools where I work. It always brings about an interesting discussion between kids; they either love it or hate it. Personally, I thought it was cute, but definitely not a favorite. I understand why it appeals to kids; there are drawings, slap stick comedy, and the main character is a pretty relatable guy. Even so, I didn’t find anything that really stood out to me that makes me want to recommend it to another teacher. The vocabulary isn’t particularly impressive, the lesson or content isn’t challenging or inspiring… overall, it’s just a funny book. The one thing I think the book should deserve positive credit for is it’s ability to get kids interested in reading. This is definitely a book you give to a student who doesn’t like to read. It makes them want to keep reading because the book is about exactly what happens in middle school. The character, setting, plot, and ideas are all relevant and understandable. Plus, the little cartoons hidden inside the chapters add to the story line. 


As a teacher, this would be a book I would add to my library just because it’s a fan favorite. I wouldn’t use it in a lesson, but it would be available for kids that like it, and kids that need a push into their life as readers. This is also the first book of the series, so if I saw a growing interest from my student’s in this book, I would expand my library to more of the series in the books as well. I found the book fun and enjoyable, but not something I would recommend to a fellow teacher that’s is worth their look as well. 

Reviewed: 2016-07-05
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