Measure of Service Learning: Research Scales to Assess Student Experiences, The

Robert G. Bringle, Mindy A. Phillips, Michael Hudson
The addition of service learning courses on college campuses is growing rapidly. However, practitioners will benefit from a richer (or more complete) knowledge base that firmly establishes service learning as an effective pedagogy for students' academic learning, personal development, and civic participation. The Measure of Service Learning will be a valuable resource for program evaluators and researchers who want to inform the practice of service learning. This useful volume provides an extensive compilation of scales for use in studying students in service learning classes. The scales measure a variety of constructs, such as attitudes, moral development, and critical thinking. In addition, the text includes a primer on measurement theory. The authors advocate the use of multiple-item scales, present the rationale for their use, and explain how readers can evaluate them for reliability and validity. This volume will foster innovative research that will lead to a broader and deeper understanding of the value of service learning and similar pedagogies in higher education.


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