Angels and Demons: Have Wings--Will Travel (The People's Bible Teachings)

John D. Schuetze
The People's Bible Teachings is a series of books on all of the main doctrinal teachings of the Bible. Following the pattern set by The People's Bible series, these books are written especially for laypeople. The authors of The People's Bible Teachings are parish pastors and professors who have had years of experience teaching the Bible. Witness the conflict that's been part of the universe since creation. It's a classic battle of good versus evil in which Jesus comes in humility but leaves in glory. As Christians we know that angels-- good and evil--are real, not from firsthand accounts, but because God reveals their truth to us in Scripture. Gain a knowledge of the occult, spiritism, demon possession, and Satanism, and see some of the games people play with the devil and how to avoid these pitfalls.


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