10th Kingdom, The

Wesley, Kathryn|Rusch, Kristine Kathryn|Moore, Simon
   Romance, deceit, heroism, lies, adventure, and true love -- just another day in the Big Apple? No way. Welcome to THE 10TH KINGDOM.   Suppose you were on your way to work. Not a great job, just one that pays the bills. And suddenly, you are in the middle of a fantastic adventure and running for your life.   You don't believe it could happen? Well, it could, and in THE 10TH KINGDOM, it does.   Embark on an odyssey that will grip your imagination, steal your heart - and leave you spellbound as only the very best story can.   Virginia and Tony, a father and daughter from New York, unwittingly find themselves in a parallel universe known as The Nine Kingdoms where they must join forces with a schizophrenic man-wolf and Prince, a handsome golden retriever (formally known as Prince Wendell, grandson of Snow White until his wicked stepmother turned him into a dog). The unlikely heroes then embark on an epic quest to save Prince from the evil Queen and restore him to the throne.Includes 16 pages of full-color plate images from the television mini-series.


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