Halq’emeylem Language Program – Fishing Unit

Seabird Island Community School
Materials for teaching about fishing includes: Books/Booklets: • How the Coho Got His Hooked Nose by Teresa Michell • Sth’oqwi Q’elmel (Fish Camp) - for Elementary Students - by Stella Pettis • Sth’oqwi Q’elmel (Fish Camp) - for Intermediate Students - by Stella Pettis • Sts’ets’esem (Plants) by Stella Pettis • Upper Stó:lō Fraser Valley Fishing by Stó:lō Sitel • Fishing - Information Booklet - by Coqualeetza • Indian Fishing: Early Methods on the Northwest Coast by Hilary Stewart Other Materials: • Sockeye – Game – Coqualeetza Education Training Centre Other Media: • Auntie & Mali “Temkw’olexw” (“Time for the Dog Salmon”) CD by Coqualeetza Cultural Education Centre • Fish Camp Stories CD by Halq’emeylem Language Program • Memory Stick with Resources


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