Walking Forward with Good Medicine Program Kit

Melissa Nielsen, Anne Cochran
All children suffer grief and loss. First Nations children suffer an additional legacy of pain, having inherited the imposition of outside policies and laws which have negatively affected their communities over many generations. Since the first residential school opened its doors, grief and loss have become an unnatural and persistent part of the First Nations people’s everyday lives. The introduction of unhealthy behaviours and beliefs have been further exacerbated by the loss of traditional First Nations healing and coping mechanisms. This reality has left many First Nations people struggling, with few tools to address the unique conditions they have had to endure. Tools such as Walking Forward will assist children and youth and, in turn, their families and communities to find their balance through life affirming experiences and the development of a solid foundation from which to build a new way of life. Contents of the kit includes: • Walking Forward with Good Medicine Facilitator’s Guide • A Child’s View of Grief • Grief: What It Is and What You Can Do • First Nations 101: tons of stuff you need to know about First Nations people • Reclaiming Youth At Risk: Our Hope for the Future • The Sacred Tree • Finding the Right Spot: When Kids Can’t Live With Their Parents • I wish I could hold your hand • Mad Isn’t Bad: A Child’s Book About Anger • Sad Isn’t Bad: A Good-Grief Guidebook for Kids Dealing With Loss • Little Tree: A Story for Children With Serious Medical Problems • How Are You Peeling? Foods With Moods • “I wish I could hold your hand...”: a child’s guide to grief and loss • The Day the Sea Went Out and Never Came Back • The Gift of a Memory: A Keepsake to Commemorate the Loss of A Loved One • Tear Soup: A Recipe for Healing After Loss • Some of the Pieces • Love is a Family • To Heal Again towards serenity and the resolution of grief • The Memory Box • Families Change: A Book for Children Experiencing Termination of Parental Rights • Lighthouse: A Story of Remembrance • Have You Filled a Bucket Today?: A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids • The Family Book • The Red Tree • Supposing... • Wemberly Worried • Box of materials including: • 2 pkg white feathers • 1 pkg black feathers • pkg of 6 paint brushes • 2 rolls taupe twine • 1 roll green twine • 1 ball cream hemp twine • sewing kit • Fabric Pallette • 1 roll thick cord • large plastic mat • plastic container of acrylic paints: • 2 small black • 1 large red • 1 large yellow • 1 large white • 1 large burnt umber • 1 large green • 1 large blue • 1 large silver metallic


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