Acts: A Commentary for Bible Students (Wesleyan Bible Study Commentary)

Philip A Bence
Author Philip Bence brings his Bible teaching and missionary experience to bear as he unfolds the record of the early church's missionary expansion. We see God's progressive action, from the birth and establishment of the Christian church in Jerusalem, to the ongoing life of that church, its preparation for mission to ""the ends of the earth,"" and finally its movement out into the distant lands of the Roman Empire and specifically Rome, the Empire's capital. In the lives of people today, God continually wants to do that which is new. But He rarely works in individual lives or in great movements of people in a way that does not build on their previous history. The initial core of that history is explained clearly here in this volume on Acts. As these pages reveal God's plan for the early church, let us listen for His plan for today and the future. An excellent resource for personal study, and especially helpful for those involved in the teaching ministries of the church, the Wesleyan Bible Study Commentary series will encourage and promote life change in believers by applying God's authoritative truth in relevant, practical ways. Written in an easy-to-follow format, you will enjoy studying Scripture insights that are faithful to the Wesleyan-Armenian perspective.


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