Honouring the Journey Through Our Culture Kit

Fraser Region Aboriginal Early Childhood Development Network
Kit includes: • Teacher Guide & Manual • The Seven Sacred Teachings book with download version • Network Seven Sacred Teachings Training DVD • Smoked Salmon • Talking Stick • Tote bag bear claw – small tote includes #7 to #11 • Medicine: Sweet Grass, Sage, Tobacco • Medicine burning shell • Medicine burning bowl • Smudging Feather • Cedar basket, rose, bookmark and bundle • Drum with stick • Seven Sacred Teachings wooden stamps • Multi-coloured stamp pad • 3 felt feathers with bag • Seven Sacred Teachings laminated cards • 10 Traditional Plants – food and medicine – laminated cards • Custom made traditional felt food • Custom made felt life cycle of the Salmon and felt stories • A traditional walk • Grandmother/father Book Series: • Grandmother what are The Seven Sacred Teachings? • Grandmother what is smudging? • Grandmother what is a feast? • Grandmother what is a talking stick for? • Grandmother what is a dream catcher? • Grandmother what is a sharing circle? • Grandfather what is a Medicine Wheel? • Grandfather what is a sweat lodge? • Grandfather why do we use the drum? • Grandfather what is a pow wow? Books: • Infant cloth book • The Sharing Circle • Halq’emeylem Handbook • A Story About Cedar Bark • Upper Stó:lõ Plant Gathering Hand Puppets - included in large zip lock bag: • Wolf • Eagle • Beaver • Turtle • Bear • Salmon Two Finger Puppets - included in large zip lock bag: • Turtle • Beaver Plush Toys - included in large zip lock bag: • Teepee includes horse, wolf, bear, eagle & buffalo • Buffalo • Sasquatch Masks: • 7 paper masks with CD of PDFs to print • 7 felt masks: eagle, beaver, buffalo, turtle, bear wolf, sasquatch


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