Garden of Wisdom, The

Michael Caduto (As told by, Compiled by, Editor, Retold by), Odelia Liphshiz (Illustrator)
The Garden of Wisdom: Earth Tales from the Middle East is a unique anthology of traditional stories and folklore about the natural world and humankind¿stories which reveal how nature is the root of a shared connection to the land that binds all peoples as one. The stories have been gathered from local communities in Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine and retold for children in an original voice by author Michael J. Caduto. Children¿s artist Odelia Liphshiz, as well as several photographers from the Middle East ¿Dr. Anton Khalilieh, Elad Topel and Dr. ELaine Solowey¿have illuminated the children¿s stories. In recognition of the transformative role of these stories among individuals and communities, the National Storytelling Network has awarded The Garden of Wisdom the international Brimstone Award for Applied Storytelling.Author and environmental educator Michael J. Caduto has written 20 published books. He is the co-author (with Joseph Bruchac) of the award-winning Keepers of the Earth® series of books, and is author of Earth Tales from Around the World and A Guide on Environmental Values Education (UNESCO/UNEP). Artist Odelia Liphshiz has illustrated many children¿s books and works from her studio in Tel Aviv.This book emerged from the groundbreaking Middle East Exchange Program of the Quebec-Labrador Foundation (Ipswich, Massachusetts). Storytellers, educators, and conservation leaders in Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine gathered traditional stories from local communities that teach children about nature and the environment¿ a collaborative effort involving more than 50 individuals from 20 organizations from across the region. The Garden of Wisdom is the fruit borne of a community of professionals whose passion for preserving nature is a steppingstone for peaceful coexistence.


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