From Transitional Justice to Dealing with the Past: The Role of Norms in International Peace Mediation

Jamie Pring
This Essential has four parts. It first proposes an analytical framework for categorizing both social and legal norms in mediation to gain greater clarity on how norms interplay with one another in mediation processes. Second, it discusses a broader conceptualization of transitional justice composed of four interrelated principles as captured in the Dealing with the Past approach. Third, in applying the analytical framework to Dealing with the Past, it identifies opportunities for complementarity between Dealing with the Past principles and mediation as well as areas where challenges may be encountered. Fourth and last, the Essential outlines strategies for promoting Dealing with the Past in mediation processes.


Reviewed: 2018-05-13

Palabras claves: Justicia Transicional,Procesos de Paz,Derecho Internacional de los Derechos Humanos

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