Packy and Me

Matthew Maberry, Patricia Maberry, Michelle Trappen (As told by)
Dr. Maberry:On April 14, 1962, the birth of a precocious pachyderm captivated the world. The elephant--Portland, Oregon's own Packy--garnered national and international attention as the first captive elephant born in an American in 44 years. In the face of an unsettling time in Vietnam and rising racial tensions, America needed a distraction. More than forty years later, the man at the center of this epic story, Dr. Matthew Maberry, provided the inside details. In Packy & Me, Dr. Maberry, delivers a riveting account of Packy's birth, the false labors, the lack of information, and the ever-present worldwide media camped out in the barn to report the latest on mother Belle. Maberry captures the moment with a journalistic sense of authenticity and a deep compassion for nature and the animals in his care. Complete with newspaper clippings and photos, this scrapbook is sure to educate and captivate audiences all over again. It's a story that you, like the proverbial elephant, won't soon forget.Patricia Maberry:Patricia Maberry married Dr. Matthew Maberry in 1975. Her work with her late husband, veterinarian Dr. Matthew Maberry, included promoting Packy as the first baby elephant born in captivity in the western hemisphere. Packy became a symbol of Portland, and for the last 10 years Patricia was actively involved in promoting this story. This culminated in a book published in 2011, Packy and Me, which acknowledged the impact that Packy's story had on the worldwide community, and highlighted Portland and the Oregon Zoo. It was important to her to complete the book as a gift to her legendary husband while he was still alive. She achieved that goal - much to the delight of Dr. Maberry. Patricia has worked many years in retail supervision and in human resources. Patricia has also contributed time to serving on many boards and advisory councils, both state and county. But her first priority has always been Doc and his work. In the late 1970s the Maberrys formed a business, Wildlife Enterprises, which focused on the care of domestic and wild animals. Patricia was the project manager for the book Packy and Me. Despite the loss of her husband in 2012, she continues to share his timeless story.


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