English Legal System

Steve Wilson, Helen Rutherford, Tony Storey, Natalie Wortley
English Legal System Directions is written in a highly-readable and engaging manner, with an emphasis on explaining the key topics of English legal system courses with clarity. It offers a sound introduction to the subject, and provides a clear and reliable basis on which students can build their legal studies.The book incorporates a wide range of learning features to offer students a high level of support. Thinking points, questions, examples, and diagrams throughout encourage an interactive approach to learning, ensuring students understand the fundamental facts and enabling them to check their understanding of the subject as they progress through the course. The book's clear structure enables students to navigate easily through the many aspects of the English legal system, making this an ideal text for students new to the subject. The book also acknowledges the need for student endeavour, and to this end, suggests further reading and useful resources.The second edition has been thoroughly revised and brought up-to-date to reflect all recent developments in the law since the publication of the first edition. The book now includes a new chapter on the law and institutions of the EU, while the 'Thinking Points' feature has been developed and expanded throughout. Online Resource Centre: An Online Resource Centre provides a wide range of extra resources to further support the student in their studies:- Advice on studying the English Legal System - Practical examples of assessment tasks - Updates on legislation/case law- 150 multiple-choice questions with answers and feedback


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