Complete Christianity, Cults & Religions 6-Session DVD-based Study

Paul Carden
What Is This Study About? The Christianity, Cults & Religions DVD-based study helps Christians know what they believe and why. By comparing Christianity with groups such as Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses, people have a better grasp about what the Bible says about who Jesus is and the message of the Gospel. This six-session study simply explains the history, background, and beliefs of the most common world religions and cultic groups: Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses and other groups. Paul Carden, one of the most respected specialists in this field, has spent 30 years researching, writing and broadcasting on the topics of cults and new religions. He is the general editor of the best-selling cults comparison chart, Christianity, Cults & Religions. Carden presents an easy-to-understand comparison of the founder, date, location, history, beliefs, of each group. Carden also explains how to talk with people of other faiths in a way that will open them to the Gospel not turn them off. Participants will gain a solid Scriptural foundation for their own faith so that they can answer the questions of other groups - who is Jesus? What do we believe about God? What happens after death? How do the other religions view salvation? Who Is This Study For? This DVD-based study is perfect for small groups, Bible studies, adult Sunday school, college or high school ministry or for personal individual use. We've designed two kits for your convenience: The Complete Study Kit provides all the needed material for small group settings and the Leader Pack provides the needed tools for personal, independent use. You just order additional participant guides for each additional group member. The Christianity, Cults, and Religions Complete Kit Includes: DVD with six 30-minute teaching sessions, as well as a CD-ROM with PDF files for promotional posters, fliers, handouts, bulletin inserts, and banners for you to print as needed One printed leader guide + PDF of the leader guide on CD-ROM One participant guide that includes definitions, history of each group, more detail about beliefs, and discussion questions (you will need to buy an additional participant guide for each participant) One Christianity, Cults & Religions best-selling pamphlet (fold-out side-by-side comparison chart that fits inside a Bible cover) One Christianity, Cults & Religionsreference handbook comparing dozens of groups at a glance One PowerPoint with more than 200 slides to expand the scope of the teaching What Will My Group Get Out of This Study? By the end of the six-session study, the participants will have a good knowledge about how Christianity compares to that of other major religions and cults. This study will help you: Learn about the most common world religions and cults and how they compare to Christianity- Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses and other groups Know what you believe and why Learn how to share the Gospel with those of other faiths


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