In Search of Wales

H. V. Morton
H. V. Morton's famous and much-loved travelogue of Wales. Singularly susceptible to Celtic romance and history, H. V. Morton goes in search of Wales, and finds equal delight in climbing Snowdon (inclement weather aside) and going down a coal mine. Bustling with intriguing local stories and characters, Morton's fascinating account reaches from the scenic grandeur of the north to the domestic beauty of the industrial south. In the Vale of Clwyd it rains "with grim enthusiasm," while at the Eisteddfod in Bangor, he is "slightly worried by the trousers of bard and druid, which are visible for a few inches below their gowns. Father Christmas has this same trouble with his trousers." Anecdotal, leisurely, full of character and event, insight, and opinion, this is travel writing of the very highest order.


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