7 Successful Strategies to Promote Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom

Marziyah Panju
Learning is an activity with an emotional dimension and before students can turn their attention to cognitive learning or the prescribed curriculum, they must feel physically safe and emotionally secure. How a student 'feels' about a learning situation determines the amount of time and effort they devote to it. Developing Emotional Intelligence could provide the 'missing link' to achievement in our schools. This book will enable readers to begin to understand and develop their own Emotional Intelligence and that of the students in their care. They will be able to appreciate the role EI plays in promoting academic progress and creating positive, lasting changes that will help learners in both school and non-school settings. IQ, which is a measure of our cognitive intelligence, represents the raw material for our successes, whereas EQ, which signifies Emotional Intelligence, is the set of socio-emotional skills that enables the intellect to turn into action and accomplishment. Without EQ, IQ remains only a potential; this book provides the tools to nurture that potential into reality, using the seven successful strategies that the author outlines in her ELEVATE model.


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