Back-to-front boy: a true story of adopting a boy with attachment disorder, The

WRIGHT, Rebecca
This is a true story. Rebecca Wright and her partner, John, adopted a young child. It wasn't until later that they discovered just how needy he was and how their love and commitment to him would change his life. The strength they show in going through the complex process of helping Sam, who has attachment disorder, to grow into a rounded human being, will be an inspiration to anyone caring for children with problems, behavioural or emotional. Their story is funny, sad, angry, grateful and relieved in turns - the emotional rollercoaster experienced by anyone dealing with child psychiatrists, educational psychologists, the state school system and social work departments. Rebecca understates the difficulties of a life totally focused on a very demanding child, bringing out instead the many positive rewards of life with Sam. The Back to Front Boy will inspire, challenge and comfort many about to adopt, considering adoption, or already parenting a difficult child. You are not alone. In their search for help and understanding, Rebecca, John and Sam have forged a family unit of incredible strength through the practice and discipline of love - the real thing. "This is a 'must read' for anxious and caring parents, students in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), practitioners leading courses in HEIs, link professionals, case managers, SENCOs and I predict it will contribute massively to knowledge in what are largely uncharted waters." Geoff Edmondson, OBE, Teaching Fellow, University of Exeter. With a Foreword by Caroline Archer, author of "Parenting the child who hurts."


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