Parents' guide book for claiming allowances for their children with developmental disorders including autism, Asperger syndrome, ADHD, dyspraxia (DCD) and dyslexia, The

DUNCAN, Dr. James
Children with learning, attention, communication and behavioural difficulties generally need much more care, support and time from their parents, as they grow up and develop, than their unaffected siblings or same-aged peers. This can be a drain on both emotional and financial resources. Children often need specific treatments and extra support, which may only be available privately and may be unaffordable for many parents especially in the current economic environment. This book was written in order to tell you how to successfully apply for the freely available Government allowances, which can be used to help support, your child's needs. The allowances discussed are not means tested so all parents can apply for them. The payments received can be used for any purpose so can be put towards any additional support and treatments available to help your child. Read more at


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