How to help your autistic spectrum child: practical ways to make family life run more smoothly

BREALY, Jackie and DAVIES, Beverly
Autism is a complex developmental disability that affects the way children communicate and relate to the world around them. Over 500,000 people in Britain, according to figures from the National Autistic Society, are somewhere on the autism spectrum, which ranges from severe autism, through high functioning autism to Asperger syndrome at the more able end. It can be devastating to discover that your child has an ASD (autistic spectrum disorder), and even tougher helping them to cope with life. Many books on autism will tell you the latest theories about what causes ASD, but what you really want to know is how to get a decent night's sleep, or stop your child flapping their arms, or find some time for your other children. Jackie Brealy understands these autism worries from both a parent's and a teacher's perspective. She was concerned at the lack of down-to-earth, practical help for parents of children with autism, so she teamed up with journalist Beverly Davies to write ‘How to help your autistic spectrum child’. With input from parents of ASD children, Jackie and Bev have written this totally practical guide to help other parents with all those day-to-day problems that make life so tough for them and their ASD child.


Reviewed: 2015-03-26


I found this book to be very informative. As it says in the title it is “practical ways to make family life run smoothly”. I would use it as a reference book to dip in and out of. The chapter on behaviour (Chap.7) I photocopied for my grandson’s teacher, which she found helpful.


Useful everyday tips and not too heavy or technical, so easy reading!

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