What's in Ned's head? (Game)

What's in Ned's Head is an icky, sticky, hairy, scary, gross-out game that will have kids squealing with disgust and delight. To play, each person is dealt a card with a picture of an object that is in Ned's Head. All players then reach into Ned's ear or nostril to feel around for the object on their card. Will you find a rat? How about a sea turtle or an old gym sock? Be the first person to find the correct object and win the game! Each game comes with one 15" plush head, 15 silly objects, 24 game cards and instructions. As an added bonus, nine blank cards are also included so you can add your own wacky stuff to Ned's head! A 2003 Toy of the Year Toy winner, What's in Ned's Head is designed for two to four players ages 4 and up.


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