Autism and Asperger syndrome (The facts)

In this book, Simon Baron-Cohen summarizes the current understanding of autism and Asperger syndrome. He explains the process of diagnosis as well as the options for education and intervention for those with these conditions. Taking a lifespan approach, Professor Baron-Cohen considers how the conditions affect very young children through to adulthood. He also outlines his new Empathizing-Systemizing (ES) theory, which aims to explain all of the psychological features of autism-spectrum conditions. This book is degined firstly for people with these conditions and their families. It will be useful to clinicians, teachers and other professionals involved in the care and support of people on the autistic spectrum. The book will also provide and invaluable introduction to the topic for students in the social and biological sciences.


Reviewed: 2015-03-26


Takes a lot of reading but very useful. I shall probably buy a copy for reference.

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