Parents' education as autism therapists: applied behaviour analysis in context

KEENAN, Mickey, KERR, Ken P. and DILLENBURGER, Karola (Eds)
This text is a useful introduction to ABA for parents and professionals working with children with autism. Successful child rearing is an essential skill for any parent. For most of us this skill is handed down from our own parents and society in general, where we bring up our children using skills based largely upon common sense and a willingness to do our best. However, when it comes to more difficult aspects of developing skills in our children, we need something more dependable than good will. Applied behavioural analysis (ABA), the systematic implementation of scientifically proven behavioural principles offers just that. Aimed at enhancing people's lives in ways that they or their carers feel are important, it includes a variety of methods and techniques, which can be used to promote, decrease or maintain skills for daily living.


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