Martian in the playground: understanding the schoolchild with Asperger's syndrome (Rev. ed.)

This award-winning book illuminates what it means to be a person who has Aspergers Syndrome by providing a window into a unique and particular world. Drawing on her own experience of schooling, and that of a network of friends and correspondents who share her way of thinking and responding, Clare Sainsbury reminds us of the potential for harm which education holds for those who do not fit. This book holds insights that take us beyond the standard guidance on how to manage autistic spectrum disorder. It challenges the way we might handle obsessional behaviour. It invites us to celebrate the pure passion of the intellect, which such obsessions can represent, and to recognise the delight which can be experienced by children who love to collect. It reminds us that many of the autistic mannerisms we might try to suppress actually help the child to think.


Reviewed: 2015-03-26


Very detailed. Good insight from many people with Aspergers.


Very useful to me as a parent. Last sentence on p.67 particularly so (about inability to shift attention) – perhaps I won’t get exasperated now. Last sentence of first paragraph on p.95 useful.

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