Captain Toad Treasure Tracker

Nintendo Wii U


Reviewed: 2016-07-04
What can I say about this game? Simply put it is fun, charming, and exemplifies what I like about Nintendo.    The game is a puzzle in which the goal is obviously to find treasure, hence the title. Each level is like its own little world where I can control the camera and move Toad around to get the treasure. Some levels are straight forward, others require quite a bit of complicated thought. All and all the puzzle solving in this game is a lot of fun!   The great thing about it is that it is not addictive fun. It does not give me the desire to go back to it for one more level after playing for a while. This is wonderful because I am busy and just need to spend some time in games cooling off from my job this game can do that. The game is divided into four sections, three story chapters and the bonus section. Each chapter has 20 or so levels to complete and a few mid level story parts or cool dragon riding levels (unfortunately the dragon levels are one off levels that I haven’t found a way to get back to after completing them.    The game comes with lots of extras to find. Each regular level has 3 jewels to find as well, along with a hidden condition for beating the level that will not show up until I’ve beaten the level at least once. After completing all these objectives for a whole chapter, time trial mode appears. Here we have to use our knowledge of the game to beat the level in a specific time. This can be easy or challenging depending on the level. Some levels will leave you completely stumped until you figure out an often simple out of the box way to beat the level quickly. For example, I spent 20 minutes on a level that had a time trial of 5 seconds. Only after realizing I can tap the buttons I would usually have to travel to did I beat it. In this way the levels are a lot like riddles, at first they may seem really difficult and hard to think through, but once you learn and think about the solution you realize the  answer was staring you in the face the whole time. Finally, there is also a bonus mission when you use the Toad Amiibo. I have only done it for the first few levels with my friend’s Amiibo but it I haven’t gotten my own so I haven’t been able to go through them all.    The faster and more elegant solutions are what I like most about the game. At first I went into a level and found a way to beat it. Then, as I got better at understanding the level mechanics by completing the challenges I learned how to complete things faster. Finally, I would show off my abilities by completing the level in time trial mode.    For me and my personality, this was a wonderful game! It is not about a giant story that I might loose if I stop playing for a while and there are no complicated mechanics that I will forget if I leave the game. Not that those games are bad, but they get more difficult the busier I am. Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker is a delightful game that is a good way to cool off and not dominate the life of a busy gamer.    After completing everything else the final secret level is incredibly difficult in a few ways and the reward is pretty cool, though since I completed everything else I didn’t get to use it much.   


I would recommend this game to anyone who would like to just have a fun and generally relaxing time!
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