Designing Dynamic Christian Stepfamilies

Gordon and Carri Taylor
Are you divorced with children, remarried with children, considering remarriage, grandparents with stepgrandchildren, a professional working with stepfamilies? Then this is for you! In this one-of-a-kind series, you will laugh . . . cry . . . and relate . . . as Gordon & Carri Taylor, seasoned stepfamily professionals since 1986, take you on an educational and inspirational journey, culminating in a process for designing a successful stepfamily. Includes interviews with stepcouples and stepkids. Lenses of Communication:      What causes communication collisions Apples & Oranges:      Fundamental differences between stepfamilies and biological families Bio-Force Meets the Weakest Link:      Unpredictable relationship development Step-Discipline      What does and doesn t work Money & Stuff      Entanglements brought from previous marriages What About Us?      Realistic expectations for the stepcouple relationship Stages of Stepfamily War Pt. 1      Predictable stages emotional landmines Stages of Stepfamily War Pt. 2      Hope for conquering the challenges of stepfamily living


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