Acting in Animation

Ed Hooks
Powerful and empathetic performance in character animation requires far more from the animator than an ability to manipulate pixels or draw characters. You must have a strong understanding of the relationship between thinking, emotion and physical action plus dynamic scene construction. Renowned for his now-classic Acting for Animators, Ed Hooks shows you in Acting in Animation what best-practice performance principles look like on celluloid. Keyed for use with the DVD versions of twelve animated films and loaded with spot-on analysis, acting tips, and valuable insight, Acting in Animation is like sitting down with Ed Hooks to watch the movies. Ed breaks each one down sequence by sequence and gives you useful notes on how the animators of classics successfully imbued their characters with feeling. You'll see firsthand how attending to essential acting principles like choice, negotiation, conflict, and empathy creates unforgettable characters and believable storylines. Hooks also deconstructs some not-so classics to illustrate how by neglecting good acting technique the filmmakers missed opportunities to have their characters bond with the audience. Want to make your animation more powerful? Go to the movies with Ed Hooks. Read Acting in Animation and find out how quality acting inspires great animation.


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