Animism, Magic and the Divine King

Geza Roheim
Contents: Animism and the Other World: sympathetic magic, moment of death and the soul, Osiris and other mortals, passage of the dead; Psychology of Magic: black art, rain maker, love magic; The Medicine Man and the Art of Healing: sucking cure, magic wand and medicine pipe, mana, holy ghost, disease and the art of healing, addenda; The Divine King: introduction, Tammuz and the king, Adonis and other lords, Attis and Midas, Pharaoh and other African kings, Cecrops and other serpents, May king, Apollo and Cadmus; The Scapegoat: king as scapegoat, cock and Wren, Mars and the Salii, goat of Azazel, Thargelia, scapegoats and initiations, Carthartic ritual.


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