Boss of You: Everything A Woman Needs to Know to Start, Run, and Maintain Her Own Business, The

Emira Mears, Lauren Bacon
Female entrepreneurs are a growing force to be reckoned with. Each year, more and more women take the initiative and start their own business ventures—at twice the rate of men. Women continue to reshape the business world with innovative models, both large and small. So why is there a lack of clear-cut, expert advice aimed at this dynamic female audience?In The Boss of You, Emira Mears and Lauren Bacon, founders of Raised Eyebrow Web Studios Inc. and co-editors of the well-known webzine Soapboxgirls, set out to answer this question. As intelligent entrepreneurs and straightforward writers, Emira and Lauren offer insight into beginning—and sustaining—small businesses from the female perspective. Peppered with stories from women who have been there, from cautionary tales to success stories, The Boss of You provides readers with real advice and career options that will allow them to live their values and achieve their own version of work-life balance.Whether you are an established professional or an entrepreneurial newbie, The Boss of You is the definitive guidebook for starting, maintaining, and enjoying your own business.


Reviewed: 2018-07-30

I've read a number of books for women in business and it's rare that I finish one. There have been two that I not only finished but felt a renewed sense of purpose: #GirlBoss and The Boss of You. If you've read other business books there's going to be some information that will get repeated, (how to get started, basic marketing and PR, customer service, being a good boss) and there are subjects that I don't see that often in business books, especially in non - profit books. 

When I started my non-profit a friend of mine, Norman Hammond gave me his book Fund Raising for the Rest of Us. In his book Norman talked about having a savings account that could be used when you're waiting for a grant check to make it to you. In #GirlBoss Sophia talked about getting by with a little and putting the money into savings, and Lauren and Emira also talk about different funds that should go into savings: payroll and sales tax, extra profits. Lauren and Emira also give great insight about how to plan for the dreams you have for your company, all of which can be transferred to the non-profit world. In fact, reading the three books I feel as though I need to learn much more about finances in order to be the best Executive Director I can be.

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