Adrian Simcox Does NOT Have a Horse

Marcy Campbell
A classic in the making, this heartwarming story about empathy and imagination is one that families will treasure for years to come.Adrian Simcox tells anyone who will listen that he has a horse--the best and most beautiful horse anywhere.But Chloe does NOT believe him. Adrian Simcox lives in a tiny house. Where would he keep a horse? He has holes in his shoes. How would he pay for a horse?The more Adrian talks about his horse, the angrier Chloe gets. But when she calls him out at school and even complains about him to her mom, Chloe doesn't get the vindication she craves. She gets something far more important.Written with tenderness and poignancy and gorgeously illustrated, this book will show readers that kindness is always rewarding, understanding is sweeter than judgment, and friendship is the best gift one can give.


Reviewed: 2020-12-01

Adrian says he has a horse, but his classmate, Chloe, does not believe him. He couldn't own a horse in a small town like theirs, and “Adrian Simcox can’t take care of his own desk.” Chloe does not find out the truth until her mom takes her on a walk to Adrian’s neighborhood. Adrian Simcox does not have a horse -- or does he? Chloe is serious and skeptical about Adrian's horse, while Adrian is the exact opposite. He truly believes he has a horse, and goes through a rough time with Chloe's mean words. This story is told from Chloe’s point of view. It has a fast pace at first when Chloe does not believe Adrian; it slows down as she finds out the truth. The book’s illustrations are made with black ink, watercolor and colored pencils and are not to be missed. Find out how Chloe learns not to take things too literally. Recommended both for the story and illustrations! Submitted by: Jack H.

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