Family 101- Back To The Basics, God's Blueprint For Family Life, The Coach's Master Set

Dr. Gary Rosberg, Dr. Barb Rosberg, Dr. Gene Getz, The Skit Guys
This DVD study will help us learn how to "one another, each other". The Rosbergs take eight key principles from the 44 one another verses of the New Testament and teach us how to live them out in daily life. The Skit Guys, Tommy and Eddie will give us their best as they open the sessions with over the top performances that will open your heart with laughter. DVD 1 Session 1- Let the Adventure Begin! Session 2- Serving One Another Session 3- Forgiving One Another DVD 2 Session 4- Honoring One Another Session 5- Praying for One Another DVD 3 Session 6- Loving One Another Session 7- Encouraging One Another DVD 4 Session 8- Building Up One Another Session 9- Being Devoted to One Another BONUS CD- Promotional Art Files Building Up Power Point Slides Family 101 Sermon Series- 7 Outlines BONUS CD- Building Up Message- Dr. Gene Getz Series Testimony Collection THIS KIT also contains NEW Workbooks, 5 for Women and 5 for Men


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