Faith Legacy Series- Enjoy The Ride! 10th Grade Seminar (Pre-Teen and Teen Years) "More Than Just a Driver's License"

Dr. Roger Theimer, Mike Heinz
The Purpose of this seminar goes beyond just preparing teens for responsibility associated with driving. Getting a driver's license is a milestone for both teenagers and their parents. Parents and teens learn together how to communicate with accountability and trust and then how to clarify expectations. It all fits hand in hand in learning how to make responsible choices in other areas of life. DVD 1, DVD 2 CD- Leader's Guide and Handouts Speaker: Bob Lenz, speaks to nearly 500,000 teens and parents each year through school assembly programs and faith-based events. He explores serious issues while using his unique gift of humor to touch hearts and change lives! He is also the founder and director of Life Promotions, Inc.


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