101 facts about goldfish

Barnes, Julia
Kids love pets, but how can they learn which one to choose and how to care for it properly? The books in the 101 Facts about Pets series provide basic information about the animals, but also present intriguing facts about their history, sensory development, temperaments, and care. What age should your pet be when you buy it? What should you feed it? How do you keep it looking nice and feeling healthy? Delightful photos complement short, informative text blocks. Readers will enjoy this fast-paced, bulleted style of learning about breeds, baby animals, training, equipment, and care.Since the ancient Chinese first began keeping goldfish, these colorful fish have made interesting, entertaining pets. Readers will learn many fascinating pieces of information about goldfish, such as the fact that they can actually suffer from stress. Find out how goldfish live underwater, what kind of food they need, and the proper way to set up a goldfish tank.


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