Fiercombe Manor

Kate Riordan
In 1933, naive twenty-two year-old Alice, pregnant and unmarried, is in disgrace. She is banished from London to secluded Fiercombe Manor and the watchful eye of her mother's old friend, housekeeper Mrs. Jelphs. The manor's owners, the Stantons, live abroad. Alice is to have her baby there, give it up for adoption, and return home. But while awaiting the baby's birth, Alice senses that something is amiss with Fiercombe and its absentee owners.


Reviewed: 2018-07-30

As I tried to read this book things keep popping up and I was unable to read it as I'd like. Regardless of where I left off, usually in the middle of a chapter (which I hate to do) as soon as I began reading again I'd fall into the world of Fiercombe Manor.

If I had one issue with the book it's an issue I find I have with nearly every book where two women bond through the centuries. In Fiercombe Manor we have the two stories of Alice (I forget her last name) and Lady Elizabeth Stanton. And as always happens in books where there are two parallel stories I wanted more from one and less from the other. getting into the book I wanted to read only Lady Stanton's story. A woman whose whole purpose is to produce the heir and the spare and gives her husband a daughter and two still born boys was the character I wanted to spend time with, even if it meant spending time with her in an asylum (a posh asylum, yet still an asylum). Alice's story just wasn't as interesting as Lady Stanton's. 

The book is a good Gothic story, I just felt some of Alice's story, especially when she goes into labor was a bit too dramatic.

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