27 "E" Words That Will Change Your Life

Susan Chuey Williams Farah
Do you find yourself living on autopilot? Are you ready to get out of your fog? Twenty-Seven "E" Words That Will Change Your Life asks you to take an honest look at your life and your level of engagement, offering suggestions on how to live more honestly and fully aligned with your life purpose. In a world filled with time-related pressure, long working hours, and disconnections, Twenty-Seven "E" Words offers a pathway of deep connection nestled within a lighthearted style that uses everyday language, pop culture references and true life stories. "E" words challenge you to recognize your limitless potential locked inside then asks you to fling open the door, follow your passion and become empowered! Departing from the abbreviated life experiences conveyed through electronic means-tweets, texts, and social media posts-and the quick pace of life in a fast-food nation, Twenty-Seven "E" Words invites you to live life deliberately and welcome the opportunity for building an eight-course meal instead. When you are asked what makes you feel totally alive, what will your answer be? What type of life will you choose to create as a result?


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